Best Types of Sushi Available in Dubai

Best Types of Sushi Available in Dubai

Sushi is a famous Japanese staple food that has now been globally recognized by many, it is considered as a quintessential Japanese food, meaning it is unique, exciting, and delicious. It has become the food that promotes a seafood eating lifestyle and encourages it.

There is an exceptionally wide range of sushi, there are so many types of sushi, in japan and those different types have been picked out and brought to Dubai, so there is now a large amount and variety of sushi in Dubai. Sushi restaurant Dubai now has a rather extended and broad menu giving you so many options to choose from. There are different shapes, sizes, recipes, fillings, toppings, and sauce. Sushi is known as the highest quality of seafood. There are a few sushi types that we can proudly testify to and say they are the best sushi types available and a must-have for anyone trying to eat sushi for the first time or just a real sushi lover as well.

The Temaki Sushi

This sushi is shaped like a cone and is made up of rice and some other ingredients that are held together by a nori wrap. It could be eaten with about several toppings and sauce like squid, umeshisho, sweetened omelet, and many more. It is popular in so many restaurants and is extremely nutritious and the simplicity of this sushi is just as beautiful as ever.

The Nigiri Sushi

This sushi is the original sushi, it is the traditional sushi we all know, the sushi we see on TV regularly. It is made from hand-pressed rice and a certain amount of ingredients that add flavor to it. It could be eaten with either omelet, tofu, vegetables, meat, and many more other sides.

The Makizushi Sushi

This is also a popular type of sushi, it is also known as norimaki nori means “toasted sheet” while maki means “roll” This sushi is made by wrapping rice and some other ingredients that make up the sushi into a nori seaweed sheet after this is done, the roll is then cut into small round sizes. It is important to first layer the rice in a bamboo mat before you place the nori seaweed sheet, then the rest of the ingredients before you start rolling it.

The Chirashizushi Sushi

This is known as scattered sushi. Rice is placed into a bowl and then different popular toppings are placed into the bowl like an omelet, prawns, salmon, and many more others, in order to create the perfect bowl sushi. There are different open buffet sushi Dubai that offer such luxury.