Five Things You Should Avoid Eating when Bodybuilding

Five Things You Should Avoid Eating when Bodybuilding

Knowing the right food to eat and the ones to avoid is a very good step to
ensuring you build your body right and in a healthy manner. Eating right is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the journey to build your body. Once you overcome.

Building your body doesn’t just make you look good; it also makes you
feel good. Exercise and eating right are probably one of the best ways to stay healthy. For that you need to find the best bodybuilding gym Dubai. There are certain foods that become a negative influence or a draw back once you begin your body building process. It is very important that you know some foods to avoid eating them and losing out of the target you already set. This article will discuss five foods you should avoid eating if you want to build your body.

Baked Foods

Baked foods are probably in the category of foods with the most calories. If you are looking to get lean and add some muscles, then you are better off without baked foods. Foods such as bread, cakes, cookies etc. will do you no good. They are filled with sugar, carbs and calories which will make your efforts go vain. To build your body right, you must avoid baked foods.


Alcohol is one drink that is filled with a lot of sugar. Sugar is awful bad if you want to lose weight and add some muscles. Apart from sugar, alcohol hinders the repair of your worn-out tissues which makes it difficult to heal after exercise. Still wondering why, you should quit. Alcohol packs a lot of calories which is bad for your health and your work.

Foods with Oil

Foods with oil have a very slow digestion rate. This is not what you want after doing some serious workouts. If you are interested in building your body to exactly how you want it to be, you must stay away from foods with lots of oil because they have many calories which will make it difficult to burn. A good example of such food is fries.


So many people rush to have a cup of coffee right after a workout. This is
often not the best thing to do because, coffee leaves you really dehydrated afterwards. If you must drink anything, it has to be water. Most drinks will leave you more dehydrated than when you were thirsty. This is why water will not only quench your thirst, it will leave you feeling refreshed.

Fatty Meat

Meat is most times the icing on the cake when food is served. It is almost unavoidable. If you must eat meat, eat one that has low fat. Red meat is a culprit when it comes to fat. It slows down metabolism and slows down learning as well. Even if you go to the best bodybuilding gym Dubai, you must still eat right to build your body otherwise, everything you do at the gym just won’t count.

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