Important Factors to Remember When Buying Carpets Online

Important Factors to Remember When Buying Carpets Online

Online shopping is a highly convenient way to shop but also has its risks. Buying items you have not seen with your eyes need careful selection, accurate measurements, and comparison among various options to settle on an affordable suitable piece.

Carpets like other products can now be bought online both locally and internationally. With the rich culture in the UAE, there is a big market for carpets for domestic use as well as commercial spaces such as office lobbies and hotel rooms. Business people have taken advantage of this need focusing on Persian carpets for sale Dubai where the biggest market is. Online platforms have emerged in large numbers trying to fit into this niche of carpet lovers. Clients have embraced this by using the online space to make purchases. There are guidelines to consider when buying carpets online that will help clients enjoy the same customer experience that they would when purchasing from a store. These should be taken into keen consideration as it may be difficult to change or return a product after the order process is complete.


The carpet fabric determines the quality of the carpet and other qualities such as ease of cleaning. Buying carpets online is tricky for this aspect as there is a limitation to feeling the fabric which makes it harder to determine the quality. In such a case, checking the product description could help to get more information about the carpet. If it’s still unclear, it is advisable to call the shop for clarification before adding the item to the cart to prevent making a purchase that you live to regret later.


The carpet dimensions must be right to avoid buying one that is too big or too small for a given space. Usually, the different sizes available are outlined in the product description bar. If purchasing from a particular site for the first time, take note of the units of measurement to get exact measurements. Different sites use different metric units such as feet, inches, or meters to describe their products. It is still okay but buyers should be careful with the conversions to get accurate measurements.

Sale Policies

Another factor that usually goes unconsidered is the sale policies of an online shop. These policies affect factors such as the delivery or pick up of goods. Companies differ in their forms of getting carpets to clients and for some who offer doorstep delivery, their delivery timelines may be longer than anticipated. Getting this clear from the onset makes it easier to determine whether to pick up the goods at the outlet or wait for the delivery period. Return policies matter as some sellers do not accept exchanges or refunds. Goods once sold cannot be returned.


Carpets come in different shapes and the shape of choice depends on the layout of the room. The most common carpets are rectangular in shape but these only compliment rectangular rooms. When buying from a physical shop there are shop attendants to guide clients when making purchases. Buying online, however, does not offer this luxury and the buyer has to figure it out through their own research. Therefore, it is advisable to determine the best shape of carpet or rug for every part of the house or intended space prior so that it’s easier and faster to search online.


Very few sites get down to the details of a carpet or rug that help evaluate its durability. These include factors such as the needle count, pile, and line count. Handwoven carpets are very dense with stitches close to one another making them highly durable. However, they are not exactly cheap and if this is beyond your budget, the next objective would be to something as close to it as possible. A higher needle and line count is an indication of durability. Needle count is the number of loops of the thread while line count refers to the number of stitches per square inch.