Two Important Factors That Contribute to Selecting the Right Car Tyres

Two Important Factors That Contribute to Selecting the Right Car Tyres

Many drivers don’t realize the importance of selecting the right tires. Not only does it help the vehicle run better, it also gives the driver and the car a variety of advantages. Here we speak about two very important things to bear in mind when choosing a tyre.

When choosing a car, most of us don’t want to settle for less, and the same rule should be applied when selecting tires for your vehicle. Nowadays, most vehicles come with tubeless tires as the standard style, and in case you want to replace your worn our tires, it is wise to not go in for tube tires. Given that there are many tyre exporters in Dubai, finding the right company is ideal. Below we also detail out the two important factors to take into consideration when selecting your car’s tires.

The Pattern of The Tread

Choosing the correct tread pattern is extremely beneficial, especially when driving in wet weather conditions. Yes, this may not be very common in Dubai for obvious reasons, but at least it keeps you prepared for the sudden showers in the country. We say it’s important because the design helps in effectively channeling the water out. Moreover, it reduces the noise produced, thus making your vehicle eco-friendly and efficient. Generally, these treads come in three varieties, namely Uni-directional, asymmetric and conventional. The tread of the uni-directional tyre comes with a label on the tyre that signifies the direction it will rotate in. When driving in rains and wanting to control the noise, these types of tires are usually preferred. At the other hand, Asymmetric provides an impressive combination of a strong grip at wet surfaces and great handling while traveling at high speed on curvy roads. Lastly, conventional tires are the standard ones that allow drivers to mount it on the rim, and they can be driven in both directions.

Two Important Factors That Contribute to Selecting the Right Car Tyres

Select the Appropriate Size

In order to get the most out of your vehicle, you need to select the right tyre size. For that, you also need to understand the abbreviations printed on the tires. Secondly, wider tires are only useful when driving a high-performance car and turning at corners on high-speed. Similar to a standard model, this, too, provides greater braking distances. However, there is a drawback to it, as you may notice lower fuel efficiency figures and heavy steering while driving in town. Before opting for a wider tyre, you need to make sure that it is not touching the wheel wells either when fully loaded or when the steering is turned completely. It is acceptable to opt for a tyre that is 3% wider than the one recommended by the car manufacturer.

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