Which IQOS Accessories Should You Buy?

Which IQOS Accessories Should You Buy?

Having an IQOS means you will need to invest towards its maintenance. If you want your device to last and function as good as new, it is imperative to take good care of it and clean it. Failure to do could affect the quality of your device.

It is not news or ticket science to anyone in this modern age that you need to regularly clean and maintain certain things regularly. The more you allow dirt and other stuff to gather on your things, the more difficult it will be to have it cleaned or removed later on. It is not just our floors or cars that are in question now but also the electronic devices that we make use of regularly. For example, the IQOS device from Heets online store Abu Dhabi is heated up when in use.

Bringing our normal life into play, using your toaster regularly without cleaning can lead to the smell of burnt bread crumbs which is not very pleasing. Or the change in taste of our daily coffee because the espresso machine has not been cleaned in a while. Or the displeasure you feel when staring at a stain on your shirt.

The same goes for our IQOS device, even though the tobacco does not burn, the heat applied to it releases tobacco and nicotine. Over time the particles accumulate if it is not cleaned properly.

Where Do I Get An IQOS Cleaning Set?

You do not need to purchase an external kit for cleaning the IQOS gadget. When buying an IQOS device, it is accompanied by a cleaning set. The starter set contains cleaning sticks and tools which you can use to maintain the cleanliness of the device regularly. 

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How To Clean An IQOS Device?

If you just newly acquired the device and you are questioning the steps to follow on how to clean the device, then the following are provided to assist you: 

Cleaning Tips

Always allow the device to cool down for a while before you start cleaning it. Gently remove the cover of the device with the IQOS cleaning equipment to start the process of clearing out any leftover particles of nicotine, tobacco, and any form of dirt. 

Cleaning Tools

The longer brush can be used to tidy the heater of the device while the shorter brush is used in cleaning the cover of the device. To tidy the heater part of the device up, you insert the longer brush into the device and rotate in a clockwise direction a couple of times to get rid of any dirt or particles.

Which IQOS Accessories Should You Buy - AlgrissinoDubai


In Conclusion

After using the cleaning tool, inspect the device for any dirt or residue left behind and gently wipe it down with the cleaning stick. This ensures that your device is clean and free of particles.